3D VFX and CGI Artistry

Bangalore 3D VFX Studio that uses cutting-edge visual effects to bridge the gap between the real and the imaginary.

Redpixl Photography provides more than just photographs; we create experiences. Our position as one of Bangalore's leading visual effects firms enables us to serve a wide range of clients, from fledgling startups to established retail giants. We design virtual studios that allow your brand to convey its most captivating stories.

Crafting Virtual Perfection.

Our innovative product photography goes beyond usual boundaries. Using 3D VFX and CGI, we transform the unreal into something palpably gorgeous, ideal for firms seeking an edge in digital advertising. Our extensive portfolio is a testament to our passion for visual excellence.

Why VFX Ads?

VFX advertisements provide an outstanding channel for highlighting your product's features, creating captivating storylines, and distinguishing your brand in the competitive marketplace. Whether it's fashion, technology, or lifestyle, our VFX advertising are designed to reflect your brand's distinct personality and vision.

Our Process

From concept to post-production, our professional artists and technicians collaborate closely with businesses to bring their concepts to reality. Using cutting-edge technology and creative approaches, we ensure that each ad we create is more than just an advertisement, but a work of art.

Our Works

Who is this for?

Our services are tailored to brands and retail companies seeking to create an impact. Whether you're launching a new product or need to refresh your brand's image, our VFX ads are the ideal platform for communicating your message.


Branding and Photography

We offer impactful branding and photography services, recognizing that each brand has a unique story. Our branding in photography strategy ensures that your story captivates and engages.


Product Photoshoots

From the elegant lines of modern furniture to the brilliant hues of retail products, our photoshoots for companies are sure to impress.


Cinematic Storytelling

Our VFX ability in Bangalore is where your advertising campaigns will be enhanced with cinematic quality and storytelling prowess.

Why Redpixl?

State-of-the-Art VFX Studios

Our VFX studios are outfitted with cutting-edge equipment to provide high-quality visual effects services, making us one of the best VFX firms in Bangalore.

Expertise in Brand Storytelling

Whether it's creative product photography or a whole branding and photography campaign, our visual storytelling are designed to create an impact.


Redpixl is recognized as one of the best vfx companies in Bangalore for our expertise in creating short VFX ad creatives and hyper-realistic product renders that capture the audience's imagination.

Yes, our visual fx studio specializes in ecommerce photography that highlights your product with crisp, clean photoshoots on white backgrounds, ideal for online retail.

At Redpixl, our product photoshoot team combines artistic vision with best vfx practices to deliver stunning, sales-driving images for your ecommerce platform.

Indeed, our vfx studio partners with visual fx companies nationwide, delivering premium VFX services and support wherever you are located.

Our team excels in crafting photo-realistic renders that are indistinguishable from physical products, providing you with the perfect visuals for marketing and promotion.

Experience the Visual Revolution

In the fast changing field of advertising and branding, Redpixl stands out as a Bangalore-based VFX firm that delivers. Let us work together to produce something more than just content: a legacy.

Join us as we explore the cutting-edge of 3D CGI and visual storytelling technology. Redpixl is ready to bring your brand's distinctive vision to life.

Want to see more of our works?

Have a peek into our detailed portfolio to view more of our works.

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